Ishayau (Sigi) Horowitz (1946 - 2013)

Ishayau (Sigi) Horowitz

Our story began in 1977, when Ishayau (Sigi) Horowitz established the Horowitz Polygraph Institute, the first civilian polygraph institute in Israel, and the company that has since grown into what is now known as Midot.

In Hebrew, the term "Midot" has a dual meaning of both "measurements" and "good values". Together, these topics epitomize Sigi's dream to make integrity assessments a standard for organizations around the world.

Sigi was a clinical criminologist and senior polygraph expert by profession. He originally served as Head of the Scientific Interrogation Department and Polygraph Laboratories of the Israeli Police. Later, under his leadership, the Horowitz Polygraph Institute conducted numerous polygraph examinations worldwide for civil and criminal litigations, financial disputes, and personnel assessments. In addition, the institute has become a leading training and certification center for polygraph examiners, priding itself in its experienced professionals, and its founder's dream: to educate, to enlighten, to share, and to give.

Over the years, Midot has broadened its commercial activity to leading companies in more than 30 countries. All the while, Sigi never stopped searching for new opportunities, innovations, and ways to improve Midot. In fact, he had a keen ability to foresee future market trends and demands in his field. As evidence of this insight, in 1985, Sigi led the development of an innovative integrity questionnaire for screening job candidates, first in paper and pencil format and then as one of the first tests of its kind to be offered online. Many years later, this tool remains the basis for many of Midot's current products.

Sigi also continued to personally advise Midot's top clients, and was a constant inspiration to his colleagues, both professionally and personally. He was known to be quick with a good joke or a wise parable, and was always highly attentive to the needs and concerns of his staff.

Perhaps above all, Sigi was passionately committed to Midot's own values of integrity, transparency, and dignity. He truly believed that he could help make the workplace better for managers and employees alike. His vision of making integrity a world standard was not mere rhetoric – it is our mission.

Today, Midot continues to play a leading role in the world arena of integrity assessments, and it is fully committed to carrying on the legacy and the vision of its founder.

A man in the service of truth.