Midot remains a successful global service provider by consistently:

  • Ensuring a high-level of professional expertise among our staff
  • Investing in the development of innovative and effective new tools
  • Listening to the needs of our international clients and distributors

Midot's timeline

  • Midot successfully validates its new safety test

    Midot continues to expand its product line by investing in the development of new tools. This time, Midot has successfully validated a new safety test, that will be available soon.

  • Podium and Midot Mobile applications are launched

    Podium is an innovative platform based on cloud technology for the evaluation and selection of personnel. Midot Mobile is a mobile application that receives candidates' test results in real time, via their smartphones.

  • StabiliTEST and IntegriEXIT are released

    Midot releases two new tools: StabiliTEST, a pre-employment predictor of early voluntary turnover, and the IntegriEXIT, an online exit survey for assessing organizational risks towards counter-productive behaviors.

  • Midot reaches 30 countries and 18 languages

    Midot reaches more than one thousand active clients in 30 countries, with tests in 18 languages, and offering new professional services to meet clients custom needs.

  • New scientific publications

    Midot continues to invest in applied research, with 7 published scientific papers, and presentations at 6 international and local academic conferences, in the past 2 years.

  • Updated technical manuals

    Midot releases updated and comprehensive technical manuals for its tools, summarizing the development and validation research to date.

  • Employee Integrity Appraisal System is released

    The Employee Integrity Appraisal system is released, for incorporating the evaluation of counter-productive work behaviors as part of the employee appraisal process.

  • Standards established for integrity interviewing

    Midot rebuilds its team of integrity interviewers, conducts courses and seminars on integrity interviewing, and helps establish best practice standards for integrity interviewing in Israel.

  • Continued global growth

    Midot continues growth to now 19 countries, offering tests in 14 languages.

  • New sections added to the IntegriTEST

    Informative background scales are added to IntegriTEST and its scoring algorithm.

  • ProEthic View is released

    Midot introduces ProEthic View , an organizational survey designed to identify jobs, departments and branches with high risks towards counter-productive behaviors.

  • Increased operations in Mexico and Latin America

    Midot increases activity in Mexico and Latin America, serving several leading corporations and government institutions.

  • Expanded global presence

    Midot expands its global operations, with tests in 11 languages norms adapted to local populations.

  • MidotSystem is launched

    Midot launches the "MidotSystem", a propriety web-based testing platform (later available as a cloud service), and is proud to offer one of the first online integrity tests in the world.

  • New longitudinal validity studies are carried out

    Midot updates its computerized scoring algorithm based on longitudinal validity studies, and increases its invest in research and development.

  • Certified training courses offered

    As a thought leader, Midot begins training Security and HR personnel in the science of identifying and interviewing potential occupational offenders at work.

  • TRUSTEE is released

    The S.N.O.B. test, later known as TRUSTEE, is released for periodic assessment of integrity and work ethics among current employees.

  • Midot, Ltd is established

    Midot, Ltd is established as an independent entity, dedicated to making integrity testing a standard in the workplace.

  • IntegriTEST is released in computer-based format

    The "Meyuman" integrity test, is offered in computer-based format, as a stand-alone installation with immediate results.

  • IntegriTEST is first published (paper and pencil)

    The "Meyuman" integrity test, later known as IntegriTEST, is published in paper and pencil format for employee selection and assessment.

  • Pre-employment polygraph examinations are introduced

    The Horowitz Institute introduces polygraph examinations for pre-employment occupational testing and screening.

  • The Horowitz Institute for Forensic Sciences is founded

    Mr. Ishayau Horowitz retires as Head of the Polygraph & Scientific Interrogation Unit of the Israeli Police Headquarters, and establishes the first civil polygraph institute in Israel, serving many of Israel's leading companies, Horowitz Institute for Forensic Sciences, Ltd.