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What is an organization to do when they sincerely want to know what’s going on?

IntegriEXIT is designed to provide a solution for evaluating the incidence of counterproductive work behaviors and can be used as a means to manage such behaviors and prevent them from occurring.

What does it measure?

  • Overall job satisfaction
  • Coworkers’ and supervisors’ integrity.
  • Frequency of counterproductive work behaviors.

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The solution

IntegriEXIT targets employees who are leaving the organization and the results are based on their true and honest feedback.

It offers an innovative view of integrity from the organizational-level, as well as providing managers with a way to get a closer look at specific behaviors at all levels of the organization.

Survey results are analyzed and presented collectively at the group and sub-group levels, according to the characteristics of the samples collected. The overall index ratings are given per topic, for easy tracking of risk levels over time.

Obtenga métricas del ambiente laboral percibido por personal saliente

IntegriEXIT benefits

Métricas clave para el desarrollo organizacional

Key metrics

Turn individual feedback into key organizational metrics and knowledge.

Evalué periódicamente el ambiente en su organización


Take preventive action based on new insights.

Obtenga un panorama del ambiente laboral

Organizational insight

Get honest insight into your organization and its employees’ behaviors – both good and bad, using a unique anonymous survey.

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