How much does employee turnover affect your business?

Sometimes, after having been selected, recruited and trained, your new hires resign!

Not only is it frustrating, it's costly!

Employee turnover generates financial losses, which at times, equal as much as half to a full annual salary per incident.


StabiliTEST is the solution!! Unique in the market!

StabiliTEST is a pre-employment test designed to predict early voluntary turnover among job applicants.

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The solution

StabiliTEST provides an overall score of job stability, and four additional subscales:

  • Performance history
  • Personality traits
  • Desire for the job
  • Intention to stay
The candidate takes the test online, and in seconds, you have the results in your browser. Streamline your personnel selection processes.

Contact us to learn more and ask for a demonstration.

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Benefits of StabiliTEST

Assure your investment

Save money, time and resources

Know the risks of employee turnover before investing time as well as money in onboarding and training personnel.

Results available immediately

Immediate results

Within seconds, you will have a reliable indicator about the candidate's potential for leaving the organization within the first few months of having been hired.

Nuestra prueba está sustentada de manera científica

Innovation at your service

StabiliTEST is backed by scientific support published in international magazines. The Midot studies are one of the few that have examined voluntary turnover factors among early applicants.