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The offenses committed by employees cost organizations around the world millions of dollars in damages.

Individual assessments can help to manage the risks associated with these counterproductive behaviors, but do not provide insight into the organizational-level risks.

Managing organizational-level risks requires risk assessment, for example, at the branch or departmental level, or even for specific types of positions.

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The solution

ProEthic View is an organizational survey that provides a group-level analysis of the risks associated with employee crimes and counterproductive work behaviors.

It identifies the areas in the company which may require intervention, monitoring or procedural changes.

ProEthic has three main scales:

  • Organizational commitment
  • Security awareness
  • Frequency of counterproductive work behaviors

The survey can be adminstered to either a census or representative sample, among which risks can be evaluated at the different levels of the organization:

  • Departments
  • Branches
  • Positions
  • Other relevant levels
Evalúe el ambiente organizacional

ProEthic View benefits

Visón general del las condiciones laborales percibidas

Integrity in the organizational climate

ProEthic View offers an innovative view of integrity from the organizational-level, rather than from the individual level, as typically described by standard integrity tests.

Indicadores de mejora

Improvement indicators

Obtain indicators for identifying the “weak links” and potential organizational problems.

Resultados para tomar decisiones

Results that can be acted upon:

The insights gained from the ProEthic View survey can be used as a basis to implement structural or procedural changes in the organization that are aimed at reducing future risks.

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