Employee integrity exit survey


Administration Format:


Appropriate for:

All positions, all levels

Testing time:

Approximately 10 minutes

Number of items:

20-80 items, depending on the version


On-site or remotely


Individual and group reports are immediately available on-line.

Language level requirements:

7th grade

Administration stage:

Employee exit

Respondent id:


Response format:

Multiple choice and open response


Available upon request

The need

What is an organization to do when they sincerely want to know what's going on?

Employee exit surveys provide an excellent opportunity to gain insight into many of the sensitive issues employees are often only willing to disclose when they are on their way out. When these issues relate to employee offenses and other counterproductive behaviors, the knowledge learned can be extremely valuable for management to improve the integrity of the organization.

Counterproductive work behaviors can be highly damaging to an organization and its employees. They can involve employees or managers, and target either other employees (e.g. harassment, aggression) or the organization itself (e.g. theft, fraud). In addition, they may stem from negligent security controls, job dissatisfaction, lack of identification, and more. Finally, these behaviors can be characteristic of specific jobs, branches or departments in the organization. Unfortunately, detecting counterproductive work behaviors is very difficult, and identifying the nature and source of these behaviors is even more challenging.

The solution

A presentation of IntegriEXIT results.

Midot's "IntegriEXIT" survey is designed to provide a solution for evaluating the incidence of counterproductive work behaviors, and can be used as a means to better manage such behaviors and prevent them from occurring. The survey targets employees who are leaving the organization, and the results are based on their true and honest feedback. This survey offers an innovative view of integrity from the organizational-level, as well as a way for managers get a closer look at specific behaviors at all levels of the organization. The survey focuses on integrity, but can be useful as a general exit survey to collect information on the main reasons for leaving the company, level of job satisfaction, and other parameters customizable to specific needs.


The IntegriEXIT Survey takes a modular approach, and allows for sections to be administered either together, or in parts.

IntegriEXIT is available in 7 pre-defined versions for all combinations of the following 3 sections:

  • Overall Job Satisfaction
  • Coworkers/supervisors/management integrity
  • Counterproductive Work Behaviors


Survey results are analyzed and presented collectively at the group and sub-group levels, according to the characteristics of the samples collected. Overall index ratings are given per topic, for the easy tracking of risk levels over time. Other ratings include individual questions per topic, as appropriate.

Why choose Midot IntegriEXIT as a solution for gaining insight on the ethical climate of your organization? IntegriEXIT features and benefits:

True insight

  • Get honest insight into your organization and its employees' behaviors – both good and bad using a unique anonymous survey.

Let us do it for you, we know how

  • Turn individual feedback into key organizational metrics & knowledge.
  • Midot IntegriEXIT supplements Midot's other integrity assessments, providing a more complete end-to-end approach to minimizing risks, improving the overall organizational integrity.

Be aware

  • Main reasons for leaving.
  • Level of job satisfaction.
  • Level of integrity at different levels in the organization.
  • Incidence of specific counterproductive work behaviors.
  • The causes of these behaviors.

Be pro-active

  • Take preventative action based on new insight.
  • Identify new strategic improvement opportunities.