Pre-employment integrity test


Administration Format:


Appropriate for:

All positions, all levels

Testing time:

Approximately 20 minutes

Number of items:

96-194 items (depending on version)


On-site or remote testing


Immediately available online

Language level requirements:

7th grade

Response format:

Multiple choice

Buros Center for Testing, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The need

"In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." — Warren Buffet

The next employee you recruit may lead to your company's success or failure. Low integrity can be responsible for occupational offenses, such as theft of property / money / information, bribery and rule breaking.

The solution

PC's, tablets and a smartphones can access the Midot platform

Midot IntegriTEST is a web-based integrity test that allows you to evaluate your candidates' risks towards occupational offenses by assessing their attitudes, opinions, and past behaviors. The IntegriTEST measures candidates' responses using a unique algorithm that takes into consideration their patterns of responses. The test then incorporates statistical and clinical evaluations based on overall responses relative to a relevant population, as well as relative to the candidate's own responses. The IntegriTEST has been validated and revised over the past 30 years, making it a highly effective and accurate tool for occupational integrity testing.


The IntegriTEST provides an overall recommendation score based on a candidate's evaluated risk potential for future occupational offenses.

The IntegriTEST (on Podium) has been customized for 13 different ​​job categories. For each job category, 2 versions are available: Basic (not including informative background questions) and Advanced (including informative background questions).

This evaluation is based on responses in the following optional sub-scales:
  • Honesty
  • Theft
  • Norms
  • Bribery
  • Service tolerance
  • Drug use at work

In addition, the test measures self-reported background information in the following optional areas:

  • General background
  • Alcohol use
  • Drugs use
  • Gambling
  • Sexual harassment
  • Aggression
  • Financial difficulties
  • Criminal background
  • Employment history
  • Work ethic
  • Information security
  • Work safety
  • Employee engagement
  • Driving history

Additional customized questions may be added.


Candidate's results are available online, immediately upon completion of the test. Their results can be easily short-listed by score in terms of the candidates' potential risk levels for the organization. Reports can also be viewed individually for detailed results that highlight the behavioral areas assessed, specific irregular responses, and suggested follow up interview questions.

Why leading companies have chosen Midot IntegriTEST as a solution for selecting quality employees. IntegriTEST Features:

Saves time, money and resources

  • Use Midot IntegriTEST as a preliminary screening tool and deal more efficiently with large volume candidates.
  • Within a few minutes you will have a reliable indication of the candidate’s potential risk.

Get fast results

  • Obtain an access password and administer a test tailored to your needs in only a few minutes.
  • Get relevant information regarding a candidate's suitability, and make informed decisions immediately.

Easily customized

  • Customize the test and add questions.
  • Customize cultural and organizational norms.

Highly Accurate

  • The IntegriTEST has impressive correlations with polygraph examinations, security interviews, and counterproductive behaviors from a variety of studies cross culturally.
  • The test utilizes a sophisticated scoring mechanism to avoid manipulation, identify and correct for social desirability and otherwise unrealistic responding.