Local validation studies

  • To measure our tests ability to directly impact better job performance and reduced counterproductive work behaviors in your company.

Return On Investment (ROI) analysis

  • To calculate the return-on-investment for using Midot's tools in your organization, and help prove their business case in terms of real dollars and cents.

Adverse impact analysis

  • To monitor and ensure the fairness of our tools as they are used in your organization, based on internationally accepted standards for measuring adverse impact against minority groups.

Customized norming

  • To benchmark our test scores against your organization's own employees, job applicants, and professional standards.

Customized organizational surveys

  • To provide key insights to many of the critical measures that drive your company's successes (and failures), in the areas of ethics, integrity, security awareness and commitment, which can be designed specifically for your company's needs.

Professional consulting

  • To provide you with in-depth support and consultation regarding any particular job candidates or employees by our team of experienced industrial psychologists. In addition, Midot can advise you regarding your recruitment methods, assessment and selection practices, and work conditions as they pertain to managing a productive and low-risk workforce.