Simplify the administration of trustworthiness assessments with Midot Podium

Podium, a cloud-based platform for the assessment and selection of trustworthy personnel

Simplify the administration of trustworthiness assessments with Midot Podium

PC's, tablets and a smartphones can access the Midot platform

Podium is a web-based platform designed to enable organizations of all sizes to construct and administer occupational assessments and surveys, read and customize diagnostic reports, and manage end-to-end selection and recruitment processes from one centralized multilingual online platform. There is no need for software installation or additional hardware, and you'll never have to worry about updates or backups.

All the benefits on a single Podium. Features:

Manage your entire personnel selection process:
  • From ad publication through the assessment process and the final hiring decision
Conduct all types of surveys:
  • Score, compute and store any questionnaire - not only those provided by Midot.
  • Cover a variety of organizational needs such as:
    • application forms
    • knowledge tests
    • organizational surveys and more
Advanced technology:
  • User friendly interface, easy and intuitive to operate, yet rich and innovative.
  • Cloud–based, with no installation or additional hardware required.
  • Compatible with most common internet browsers.
  • Examinees can participate in the screening process from anywhere and at any time – all they need is an internet connection.
  • Podium ensures the highest standards of security, availability and stability of the service.
Improved features:
  • Easily customize Podium to your organizational structure.
  • Create unlimited users, define hierarchies and assign administrative access as needed.
  • Full test recovery in case the examinee loses internet conection.
  • Wide variety of online graphic reports, statistics and data.
  • Built-in online test catalog.
  • Examinees can choose to be tested in the language in which they are most comfortable.
  • Users can view results in their own language, regardless of the examinees' chosen language for the test.
Easy viewing of individual files:
  • Review all examinee information on one centralized page: personal details, history, attached documents, scores, recruitment decisions, etc.
Integrated Training & Support:
  • Online chat support provides guidance in real-time, without leaving the system.