Personnel Risk Survey (Organizational development assessments)


Administration Format:


Appropriate for:

All positions, all levels

Testing time:

Approximately 10 minutes

Number of items:

50 items


On-site or remote testing


Individual and group reports are immediately available on-line.

Language level requirements:

7th grade

The need

Measuring integrity at the organizational level is critical to managing risk.

Occupational offenses committed by employees are known to cost organizations around the world billions of dollars in damages. While individual assessments can greatly help to manage the risks associated with these behaviors, these assessments do not necessarily provide insight regarding organizational-level risks, such as those characteristics of employees from specific branches, departments or jobs.

The solution

ProEthic View scales and results on a tablet.

The ProEthic View is an organizational survey that provides a group-level analysis of the risks associated with employee crimes and counterproductive work behaviors. It includes measures of security awareness within the organization, organizational commitment, and the frequency of counterproductive behaviors.

Overall, these measures can help managers identify areas in the company which may require intervention, monitoring or procedural changes


The ProEthic has three main scales:

  • Organizational commitment
  • Security awareness
  • Counterproductive work behavior

The survey can be administered to either a census or representative sample, among which risks can be evaluated at the level of the organizations:

  • Departments
  • Branches
  • Positions
  • Other relevant levels

The survey can be applied anonymously or not, upon organizational preference.


Written by Midot's organizational psychologists, the ProEthic View report details the overall level risk for counterproductive work behaviors in the organization and among its departments, branches and jobs. It provides index scores which can be monitored over time, responses to specific issues in the company, as well as professional recommendations for managing the evaluated risks.

Why leading companies have chosen Midot ProEthic View as a solution for discovering the organizational ethical climate:

Integrity in the organizational climate

  • ProEthic View offers an innovative view of integrity from the organizational-level, rather than from the individual level, as typically described by standard integrity tests.

Respect for people

  • Non-invasive, simple and friendly to use.
  • The survey can be completed anonymously.

Improvement indicators

  • The information gathered can be used as effective indicators for identifying "weak links" and potential organizational problems.
  • Easy prioritization! The report presents comparative information and drills down to specific areas in the company within which to focus.

Results that can be acted upon

  • The insight gained from the ProEthic View survey can be used as a basis to implement structural or procedural changes in the organization that are aimed to reduce future risks.