An assessment designed to measure the potential risk for candidates and coworkers to be involved in accidents at the workplace


Administration Format:

On Line

Appropriate for:

All positions, all levels, candidates and coworkers

Testing time:

15 to 20 minutes

Number of items:

85 items


On-site or remote testing


Immediately available online

Response format:

Multiple choice

Test versions:

Manufacturing, driving, heavy machinery, and general industry.

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The need

An organization’s financial costs due to workplace accidents can include medical expenses, worker’s compensation payments, absenteeism, low/ lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, and more. 80%-90% of workplace accidents are caused by people’s unsafe behaviors.

The solution

Reduce direct and indirect losses by having a safety-aware environment

Preventively, objectively, and effectively manage your organizational safety culture by using Midot SafetyTEST.

SafetyTEST is a brief test to assess examinees personality traits and behavioral measures, as a means to predict unsafe behaviors and accidents at the workplace.

When measuring an examinee’s safety profile, it is of outmost importance to consider the level of risk involved in the tasks to be performed. Our platform provides a user-friendly catalogue that helps to define the level of risk based on several job position best practices.

There are different SafetyTEST versions available for your company’s particular line of business.


The results of the test report two key measurements: Behavioral Measurements
  • Safety knowledge
  • Past experiences
  • Safety performance
Personality Trait Measurements
  • Stress tolerance
  • Risk avoidance
  • Accountability

Throughout the recruiting process, the SafetyTEST report will help you identify those candidates who pose a higher risk of being involved in future accidents, as well as to determine their capabilities based on the risk level of a particular job position.

When using them among current employees, the assessments help identify individual training needs to achieve the best coincidence between the employee and his/her job position.


Results are available as soon as the candidate completes the test. These results report the examinee’s level of industrial safety awareness, described by behavioral and personality measurements, as well as his/her suitability for a particular job position.

The best of SafetyTEST:

Manage the safety culture of your organization

  • Obtain unbiased parameters for the development of your organization at an individual and collective level, including job descriptions and work risk analyses.

Enhance the tools and programs currently used in your organization

  • Optimize your behavioral programs, productive programs (centerlinings, 5S), root-cause analysis, standardizations and/or preventive maintenance through the results provided by SafetyTEST as a cross-survey.

Reduce costs

  • Prevent accidents and avoid direct financial loss.

Improve your business social environment and prestige

  • Be acknowledged as a safe company impacting your immediate international and social environment. SafetyTEST guides your organization towards the individual and collective well-being, generating an impact beyond the working environment.