Periodic evaluation for current employees


Administration Format:


Appropriate for:

All positions, all levels

Testing time:

Approximately 30 minutes (adjusted to examinee's reading speed)

Number of items:

156 items


On-site or remote testing


Available in 24 hours

Language level requirements:

7th grade

Response format:

Multiple choice

The need

Occupational integrity is derived from personal values, life circumstances and the organizational conditions in which employees work.

Trustworthy employees are essential to every business! They contribute to the profitability, service and reputation of an organization.

According to most estimates, at least a third of employees are involved in counterproductive work behaviors, which often go undetected. Counterproductive work behaviors are influenced not only by an employee's integrity and values, but also by situational factors at work, such as satisfaction and security controls. What's more, these factors may change throughout the employee's employment period, due to a variety of changes in his or her job (e.g., position, supervisor) or the organization (e.g., mergers, restructuring). Therefore, assessing employees' risks towards counterproductive behaviors should be carried out periodically, taking into consideration that the level of risk may not stay constant.

The solution

Work behaviour factors.

Midot TRUSTEE is a tool that enables the periodic evaluation of employee integrity throughout the employment life cycle. Midot TRUSTEE takes into account both personal and situational predictors of counterproductive work behaviors. We recommend using TRUSTEE for:

  • Periodic employee evaluations
  • Pre-promotion or job transfer evaluations
  • Post-event related evaluations

We recommend using TRUSTEE on an annual basis, and/or depending on specific organizational circumstances (mergers, layoffs, etc.)


TRUSTEE provides an overall score based on an individual employee's potential risk towards counterproductive work behaviors.


Candidate's results are available online, immediately upon completion of the test. Results can be easily short-listed by score, in terms of a candidates' potential for leaving the organization. Reports can also be viewed individually for detailed results that highlight the behavioral areas assessed.

What is measured?

TRUSTEE uses IntegriTEST indicators to evaluate the employee's personal integrity and adds it to the overall score:

  • Personal values
    • Honesty
    • Theft
    • Norms
    • Bribery
    • Service tolerance
    • Drug use at work
  • Organizational commitment
    • Job satisfaction
    • Job security
    • Organizational justice
    • Identify with the organization
  • Security awareness
    • Organizational norms
    • Monitoring & supervision
    • Sanctions

Why leading companies have chosen Midot TRUSTEE as a solution for selecting loyal employees? TRUSTEE features and benefits:

Unique and exclusive

  • Midot TRUSTEE is a unique computerized test for periodically evaluating the risks related to employees after they are hired, rather than just job applicants.
  • TRUSTEE has added scales designed for this purpose, gaining on-the-job insight not attainable with job applicants.

Respect for people

  • Non-invasive, simple and friendly to use.
  • Non discriminatory.

Awareness is half the battle

  • Periodic administration of TRUSTEEs will increase employees' awareness of the importance the organization attributes to integrity.
  • This awareness will positively affect the organizational culture and help guard it against undesirable behaviors.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

  • TRUSTEE provides a unique look into employees’ perceptions of the environment in which they work, as a basis for better understanding some of the challenges facing the organization.